Thrill of the Hunt

Epic Picking This Spring

Thrill of the Hunt

The hunt for great stuff is the part of our little hobby we love the best. We had some real fun this spring, picking a huge barn sale in Pennsylvania and a 100+ year old general store here in Hunterdon County.

Many times picks like these wind up not being about buying stuff, but more so to have an opportunity to see a huge collection of antique and vintage items you normally would never have the chance to see otherwise. It’s research and fascinating at the same time!

We woke up very early to get to the barn sale. There were three of us and we all spread out upon entry to cover this massive sale. It was a blast digging through the barn’s dusty treasures, a real mix of architectural salvage and antiques big and small. The impressive display of items that the owner had amassed and cataloged in his garage was something to behold.  It was literally filled top to bottom with antiques and collectibles the likes of which I’ve rarely seen. After about an hour of picking through, we all met up at our “pile” to discuss what treasures would come home with us.

The General Store auction had excitement built right in because you had to make sure you got there early enough to get a numbered entry. Luckily I was in the first group of people to get inside and see the entire collection in its untouched state. Floor to ceiling, on two levels of the old general store, were filled with years and years worth of rare, vintage and one of a kind collectibles. You could tell that most everyone in the first group allowed entry had an agenda of what they were looking for and zeroed right in on it. Some ran upstairs, other fanned left or right. Very quickly little tags appeared on items being “claimed” and the “holding area” for smaller claimed goodies quickly filled as well.  I went back around at least three or four times to take in everything that was there, ogling the stuff in people’s arms that I missed out on because I went in a different direction than them to start. I felt bad for the people waiting outside the door dying to get in who all bombarded me with questions on my way out about what awaited them. It was a super fun experience I won’t ever forget!